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16 July

To the participating artists: To those who have not completed up to the preview and/or final illustration and sent them to one of us (StarlightCrystalz (active), Sachi-pon (currently inactive), MaryamAswad (active)), please let us know whether if you need an extension as we are gladly willingly to do so. If you have but haven't sent it do us, you can send it to us either through a link, or send by email (

Additionally, to those who have submitted their preview but have not sent in the illustration and its details by our email (, please do so as soon as possible.

This message will be repeated in a new journal entry soon.

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This group is a charity-based artbook project. All proceeds made from the artbook will be donated to Save the Children, an international non-government foundation that aims to promote children's right, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.
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Feb 21, 2017


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Hello everyone! :wave:

After reconsideration, StarlightCrystalz and I have decided that the contest deserved an extension. This is partially to give the people who have recently joined time to finish their pieces, but also because we thought the timing of the contest was not idea (what with the start of the new academic year and all).

Starlight and I are both in our first year of university, so either one of us may be busy at any given time, but chances are, if you contact the group, at least one of us will be able to respond within 24 hours - so don't hesitate to talk to us if you have questions or if there is something we can do to make your participation in this contest easier!

The deadline has been extended to the 20th of October, 2017.

I'll repost the rules for the contest below so any new onlookers do not have to re-read the previous journal. Note that I've only changed the description for the possible prizes :aww:

For the people who are new here, Brighter-Future is an art book that we're creating to raise funds for Save the Children foundation. For more info about the book, read here:
About this artbook + FAQAbout this Artbook
StarlightCrystalz (founder) The aim of this artbook is to promote children's right and help donate funds to the charity 'Save the Children'. The message of this artbook is to let others know that children from developing countries are suffering from poverty, diseases etc. We want others to know that these children deserve something better. They deserve to have a brighter future and achieve their dreams.
Sachi-pon(co-founder): Children have big imaginations, and so they have big hopes and dreams. but poverty, hunger, disease, lack of education, and other problems can prevent children from reaching their dreams. The 'Brighter-Future Artbook' is a way to do something help children, by funding the charity "Save the Children." This artbook will be filled with happy and inspiring artworks that show children whose dreams have come true.


From the pool of entries, the admins (StarlightCrystalz and I) will choose a number of artworks to be featured in the book along with the original contributors. In addition, we will also have three winners receiving :points:1500, :points:1000, and :points:500 if we reach a minimum of 15 entries. NOTE: if we end up far below that, some compensation in points will still be given to the participating artists, or smaller prizes would be unlocked, depending on how many entries we end up with.

As for the theme and rules, they will follow the same set of guidelines we had for the previous entries as found here:
Brighter-Future Artbook GuidelinesBrighter-Future Artbook Guidelines
For invited artists only. There will be a guideline for a contest to those who weren't invited later on.
Theme: What I want to be
Children love to dream about what they want to be when they grow up, and that is the theme for this book. If you want some inspiration, check out the ending song "Future Fish" from Free! Eternal Summer. =)
Some simple examples of your theme can be...
•    I want to be a scientist
•    I want to be an artist etc.
However, it would be nice if you can be specific. Some examples of a specific theme can be...
•    I want to be someone who looks after the elderly
•    I want to be someone that can be looked up to by others etc. (if you know what I'm saying)
Page Guidelines
Dimensions: 8.5'' x 11'' (average size of an artbook); 21.59 x 27.9

I will sum them up in a list here:-
:bulletred: Theme: "What I want to be"
Eg. "I want to be an engineer," or "I want to be someone who my younger self will be proud of".
NOTE: Any particular theme can only be used once. Here is a list of the themes claimed by the contributors:
List of themesTo the participating artists/contributors: Once you have decided on your theme, please send either me (StarlightCrystalz), or the co-founders (Sachi-pon, MaryamAswad) a note on your desired theme. Just as a reminder, your theme must start with 'I want to be...'. Please check the guidelines for more information.
List of themes
1. :iconHimitsu315: "I want to be a writer."
2. :iconumiiru: "I want to be better than I was yesterday."
3. :iconKutty-Sark: "I want to be a fashion designer."
4. :iconlittlebruke: "I want to be a lacemaker."
5. :iconghostchiryou: "I want to be an artist."
6. :iconnaavaz: "I want to be a singer."
7. :iconAriuemi: "I want to be a makeup artist."
8.:iconJusJusArt: "I want to be a collector of good memories."
9. :iconNonefaceSenpai: "I want to

and I will add below a list of the themes claimed by contestants.
:bulletred: Dimensions: 8.5'' x 11'' ; 21.59 x 27.94 cm; 2500 x 3300 pixels (vertical)
:bulletred: Format: JPEG, PDG, or TIFF; 300dpi resolution; CMYK
:bulletred: Must be a completely new piece of art.
:bulletred: Must show a child, and an adult [human(oid)] to show how you achieved what your theme says you wanted.

Submission guidelines
Before you start working on your artwork, claim your theme to avoid overlap or confusion!
Once your submission is completed, do not upload it to any public websites (your gallery, groups etc.). Please make a preview that shows less than 50% of your finished piece. However, do not overdo it. We want other people to know what to expect from your piece, so make sure you include the significant parts of your artwork.
:bulletred:  Your preview must have a border.
:bulletred:  Your previous must include the text, "Brighter Future Artbook Preview". It can be in any style of typography and arrangement.

To submit your completed artwork, email it to The subject must start with Brighter Future Artbook Submission - (your username). For the message box, please follow this format:

:bulletred:  Your DeviantArt username
:bulletred:  Name that you want to appear in the artbook (your DeviantArt username or your real name [with or without last name])
:bulletred:  Your website (optional)
:bulletred:  Description of your artwork (no longer than 30 words)

The deadline for the contest will be on the 1st of October, so mark it on your calendars!

List of themes claimed for the contest:
1. "I want to be an inspiring game developer." -Kokoro-Hane
2. "I want to be someone who can protect the one I love." -Kokoro-Hane
3. "I want to be proud." -tried2
4. "I want to be a ghost hunter." -Zaneim
5. "I want to be someone who is confident in herself." -Dinasawrus
6. "I want to be brave." -kickerkitten
7. "I want to be someone who inspires people through art" -Akariinnn
8. "I want to be genuinely happy." -AsahinaX
9. "I want to be someone who can express one's feelings freely through art." -YukiRunran
10. "I want to be the light for someone in their darkest times." -densukii
11. "I want to be a violinist." -KIY0U
12. "I want to be the balance for someone who needs it." -R-ShinyStars

Finally, even if you're not participating, it would be a great help if you could bring attention to it!
And don't hesitate to ask either of us questions if you have any!

Thank you all for reading through this, and have an awesome day!
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decaim Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm quite interested in this AB! I've seen you guys will do a contest for more 5 spots...when will you open it, and if people who got to know about the project late (like me) can participate too? <3
Tks in advance!
MaryamAswad Featured By Owner Edited Jun 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Thanks for your interest!
The contest should open up soon after we have all the confirmed submissions. Taking in mind the extensions we've offered, I'd expect the contest to be open at the start of the second week of July. We'll post a journal about it, so you should get a notification when that happens, and it will be open to the public!
CloudCaramel Featured By Owner Edited May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey! how many people have sent in their sketches? just curious since i can't wait for this artbook to be released!!!! if people don't send in their sketches, what will you do? and, are you moving on to the final illustration deadline?

sorry if im being a bother!!  kaomoji set 2 30/67 
StarlightCrystalz Featured By Owner Edited May 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
1) Around half perhaps~ .-.
2) If that happened, we'll probably notify them if they will still be active in the future and to see whether or not if they'll make it by the final illustration deadline, which is on June 21.
3) Yes we are~
4) No worries, it's not a bother at all~! It just proves to show how passionate you are about this project~! >///<

Sorry about the late reply T_T
ghostchiryou Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How will we send you the concept sketch and the WIP sketch once the deadline hits, if we even need to send them to you?
StarlightCrystalz Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
By this email,
Voiii Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I'm kind of curious!
Are you expecting all 30 of these people to finish? Or you were asking for 30 because you had an idea of how many people would fizzle out?
What happens if there aren't as many people who finish their images as you expect to have?
MaryamAswad Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
We're aiming for at least 30 pieces of art to feature and we currently have 32 and are still accepting artists for the meantime (although not actively recruiting). I think the reason StarlightCrystalz set up the deadlines the way she did was to prevent artists from fizzling out, but if worst comes to worst we would need more artists or the cofounders can help make up the difference... hopefully it won't get to that though because we're all students and also need to take care of the cover art ^^;
Voiii Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for answering, makes sense! 5 seconds hug
Hopefully it doesn't!
Himitsu315 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Oooh, I am so excited. :la:
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