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We are recruiting!!!

We are looking for creative, amazing artists like you to contribute to the charity artbook. All proceeds will be donated to an international non-government foundation called Save the Children. The theme of this artbook has not yet to be decided (but will soon). If you really want to know the theme, the only thing I could say that it is related to the charity and the name of this group. This means that the theme is probably something like "your interpretation of what a child's future should be like".

How many are you recruiting?

We will mainly be inviting potential artists in DeviantArt. However, if you think you will be able to contribute a lot to this artbook then you can send us a note on why you want to join and show us a couple of your best works. We are currently recruiting for one more co-founder that has experience with these charity art book projects, someone that has a decent knowledge of finance (to collect the funds and donate it to the charity once the art books are sold out), and where we can produce the artbook (printing companies).

How do I join as a contributor?

You can join as a contributor (accepting requests from Feb 21 until we reach at least 30 artists) by clicking the 'join the group' button and it will automatically send us a notification on your join request to be a contributor. If for some mysterious reason that you can't find the contributor selection in the drop down menu, then please contact us (StarlightCrystalz, Sachi-pon, MaryamAswad to let us know and we'll send you an invite if we believe your art is suitable and can benefit this artbook project.


1. :iconsachi-pon: Sachi-pon
2. :iconmaryamaswad: MaryamAswad

Artists/Contributors (looking for at least 30 participating artists)
Invited artists or artists that offered to join

Members (around 3-4)
Artists recruited from contest that will be issued once we recruited a good amount of artists
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February 21


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